Why EAP is usefull for the employer?

EAP is not only great benefit for employees but it can also save lot of costs and worries for the employer.

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EAP benefits

EAP service is not only a benefit for your employees but for your company as well!

Satisfied employees

satisfied employee is an effective employee, who also adds up to the good atmosphere at a workplace.

Saves costs

It saves unnecessary costs that are linked to stress,  burn-out syndrome and employee flctuation .

Employer branding

EAP is a great benefit, that will make it easier to find the way to new employees and highlights your brand.

How EAP works?

1. Employee

Your employee realizes that he/she needs help in a tough life situation and decides to use the EAP service which has been prepaid by his employer. The employee picks up his phone or laptop and calls or writes our consultants.

2. EAP line

There is always a professional consultant prepared on the EAP line (phone and e-mail). The consultant hears the employee out and helps him/her with any difficulties he/she is experiencing. If necessary, the consultant will immediately make an appointment with a specialist for the employee.

3. A psychologist, a lawyer, or a finance specialist

Your employee can turn to us in the need of consulting psychological problems, legal matters, financial situations, or any other difficult situation.

Other EAP benefits

  • Increase in employees performance
  • Reduction of employees absences
  • Increase in engagement
  • Reduction of employees fluctuation
  • Improvement of company’s image in the labour market

EAP facts

What the professionals say about the EAP?

90% of Fortune 500 companies use EAP (no resource)
Every dollar invested in EA represents $17 savings for employers. Costs can be saved at less than one voucher.

US Department of Labor, reported by EAP, Inc. 200

The success of EAP can be measured by employee satisfaction with the use of this service. A study conducted in the United States on a sample of more than 1,300 employees confirmed that 95% of users are satisfied with this service.

Attridge, M. (2003, November). Optum EAP client satisfaction and outcomes survey study 2002. Paper presentedat the annual conference of the Employee AssistanceProfessionals Association, New Orleans, LA.

Approximately 15% of the total number of employees is responsible for 90% of the absence of the company. In 61% of cases, psychological problems are the cause of work incapacity. Statistical Statistics Canada reports that the average employee spends 8 days a day in incapacity for work, the average of Czechs is 19 days, incl. injuries 21.5 days (2006).


A survey conducted in Employee Assistance (EAP) companies showed 60% success rate of preventive measures. Employees who used the EAP program were able to prevent a decline in labor productivity, with the value of these potential losses being estimated to be 17 hours per person. In 72% of cases, labor productivity even showed that labor productivity grew by an average of 43% per case.

Attridge, M. (2001, August, Personal and Work Outcomes of Employee Assistance Services), American Psychological Association Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

The number of employers and organizations using the EAP has never been higher. Recent surveys have shown that approximately 75% of all US organizations use EAP services.

American Psychological Association.; www.gallup.com; www.guardian.com
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At Assessment Systems, she focuses exclusively on the Employee Assistance Program, from crisis intervention through organization and promotion to product development.

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