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Employee Assistance Program is a tool created to help employees effectively overcome their problems in any area of life. It is based on a confidential consultancy service which is provided to the employee by qualified professionals – psychologists, psychotherapists, legal and financial advisors.

How does it works?

Employee Assistance offers consultancy services to employees
provided by qualified professionals – psychologists,
psychotherapists, lawyers and financial advisers, while confidence is guaranteed.



Once the service is active, any employee covered by the program can use its benefits. The first contact is established by contacting the Employee assistance consultant—either via a phone call or email. The goal is to establish communication, identify the topics of interest and organise an in-person meeting. If necessary, the consultant can provide „remote“ intervention.

Employee Assistance Service is offered based on an agreement between the employer and Assessment Systems. The Service may be offered to all employees or a selected group. The program is paid for by an employer in flat-sum, depending on the number of employees enrolled in the program. For employees themselves the use of the Employee Assistance Program is free of charge.

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We are also members of EAPA (International Employee Assistance Professionals Association), the biggest organization connecting EAP professionals in the world.