Assistance Program for Employees

A psychologist, a lawyer and financial specialist for your employees – 24/7 via phone or e-mail.

EAP benefits

EAP service is not only a benefit for your employees but for your company as well!

Satisfied employees

satisfied employee is an effective employee, who also adds up to the good atmosphere at a workplace.

Saves costs

It saves unnecessary costs that are linked to stress,  burn-out syndrome and employee flctuation .

Employer branding

EAP is a great benefit, that will make it easier to find the way to new employees and highlights your brand.

How EAP works?

1. Employee

Your employee realizes that he/she needs help in a tough life situation and decides to use the EAP service which has been prepaid by his employer. The employee picks up his phone or laptop and calls or writes our consultants.

2. EAP line

There is always a professional consultant prepared on the EAP line (phone and e-mail). The consultant hears the employee out and helps him/her with any difficulties he/she is experiencing. If necessary, the consultant will immediately make an appointment with a specialist for the employee.

3. A psychologist, a lawyer, or a finance specialist

Your employee can turn to us in the need of consulting psychological problems, legal matters, financial situations, or any other difficult situation.

EAP benefits for the employees

Employee assistance program is a great benefit especially for the employees.

For free

This service is prepaid by the employer, therefore it is free of charge for the employee.


We honor the anonymity of every employee. There is no need to be afraid that anyone from their colleagues or employers would find out about using the EAP service.


EAP line is available 24/7. Employees will always reach the consultant when they need it the most.

We are also proud members of EAPA (International Employee Assistance Professionals Association), the biggest organization for EAP professionals in the world.

Are you interested in EAP assistance line?

Do you want to know more about EAP (Employee Assistance Program), references or directly a non-binding tailor-made offer? Type in your e-mail and we will reach out to you soon.

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