What can EAP help you with?

A psychologist, a lawyer and a financial specialist – all in one place.

What can our specialists help you with?


  • Relationship and partnership problems
  • Problems associated with parenthood and bringing up children
  • Problems associated with caring for aging parents
  • Stress
  • Work-life ballance
  • Coping with emotions, conflicts, etc.
  • Bullying, harassment, etc. not only in the workplace
  • Critical and traumatic situations
  • Mental problems
  • Addictions


  • Civil law – e.g. rent and lease, consumer issues, contracts, complaints
  • Family law – e.g. relations between parents and children, adjustment of relations with minor children, alimony, regulation of parent’s contact with the child, divorce and post-divorce disputes…
  • Administrative law – incorrect decision-making by authorities, office workers, etc.

Financial specialist

  • Investments, pension savings
  • Insurance, consulting with financial products
  • Financial, debt and budget issues 
  • Family budgets
  • Installment calendars
  • Execution
  • a “personal bankruptcy”


  • Counseling takes place through our partner uLékaře.
  • Online counseling with health problems
  • Booking to specialized doctors

Sociální pracovník

  • Rodičovství
  • Osoby se zdravotním znevýhodněním (hendikepem)
  • Důchody
  • Péče o osobu blízkou
  • Sociální a zdravotní pojištění fyzických osob
  • Bydlení
  • Péče o seniora
  • Podpůrné služby zajišťované státem

EAP benefits for the employee

For free

This service is prepaid by the employer, therefore it is free of charge for the employee.


We honor the anonymity of every employee. There is no need to be afraid that anyone from their colleagues or employers would find out about using the EAP service.


EAP line is available 24/7. Employees will always reach the consultant when they need it the most.