Our Team


Mgr. Markéta Pešoutová

Markéta studied psychology at Palacký University in Olomouc. She completed a complete crisis intervention course, fundamentals of coaching methods and international training in group work and soft-skills training. He is currently engaged in professional diagnostics and employee development. After completing her master’s studies, Markéta continued her doctoral studies, in which she is engaged in in-depth interviews with patients.

Mgr. Martina Vašířová

Martina has been a coach since 2012. The coach and personal development guide focuses on enabling clients to fulfill their visions and goals and achieve success in both work and personal life. Martin enjoys exploring the possibilities of personality growth and finding better ways for self-realization. Among other things, he has completed psychodynamic psychotherapy training and is currently completing a crisis intervention course (400 hours).

PhDr. Petr Kačena

Petr has worked in the Counseling Center for Family, Marriage and Interpersonal Relations, and now has a private practice as a psychologist and couple therapist. Since 2009 he has been working as a personal development lecturer for companies and other organizations. He also has experience in qualitative research, work with mentally handicapped people or as a teacher at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. He studied psychology at Charles University.

PhDr. Dagmar Skalická

Dagmar studied psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno. She attended several years of training in group and family psychotherapy as well as in systemic coaching and supervision, telephone crisis intervention. Since 2000 she has worked in practice – medical and school facilities, on the trust line, in the private sector. She works with clients in individual therapeutic care, but also with couples or the whole family system. The EAP program provides psychological counselling and also facilitates the first contact of staff with other professionals.

PhDr. Iva Linda Maruščáková

Linda has almost 15 years of experience in consulting and organizational psychology; she also works in the field of coaching and psychotherapy. Linda studied psychology at Charles University, graduated Jungian training in psychotherapy, and completed a variety of self-experience and professional trainings.

Kristýna Maulenová, M.Sc.

Kristyna studied psychology at Charles University and the Dutch University of Leiden. She completed a crisis intervention course, a course of motivational interviews and currently she is a participant in integrative psychotherapeutic training (INSTEP). While working with English-speaking clients, EAP uses her expertise in counseling-psychological work with expats she has acquired in the Netherlands. In addition to EAP, she works with cancer patients and their loved ones and teaches primary prevention programs for adolescents.


Mgr. Iva Wenzel – Garant

Cílem je poskytování komplexních právních služeb převážně českým, ale i zahraničním subjektům v českém, německém, francouzském a ruském jazyce, a to v oblasti obchodního práva, občanského práva, rodinného práva, insolvenčního řízení, vypořádání nemovitých věcí, správy majetku a sporné soudní agendy. Filosofií advokátní kanceláře je být oporou a partnerem svým klientům, najít pro ně řešení a dosáhnout konečného výsledku za zachování absolutní diskrétnosti a optimálních nákladů.

JUDr. Edita Arnold

The aim is to provide comprehensive legal services to mainly Czech, as well as foreign entities in Czech, German, French and Russian, in the areas of commercial law, civil law, family law, insolvency proceedings, real estate settlement, property management and litigation.
The philosophy of the law firm is to be a support and partner to our clients, find solutions for them and achieve the final result while maintaining absolute discretion and optimal costs.


Ing. Zdeněk Jakubínský (FinTalk s.r.o.) – Garant

Zdeněk has been involved in financial consulting since 2005. Currently, he is the owner of FinTalk Ltd. and is dedicated to housing finance, investments and pension products, life and property insurance, cooperates with employers on employee benefit programs and creates individual financial plans. Among other things, she has experience with basic financial literacy, working with the budget, preventing execution, etc.