We present you our professional team.

Our team consists of many professionals from areas such as psychology, law or finance.


Our psychologists can help you with any challenging situation.

PhDr. Dagmar Skalická

Dagmar studied psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno. She attended several years of training in group and family psychotherapy as well as in systemic coaching and supervision, telephone crisis intervention. Since 2000 she has worked in practice – medical and school facilities, on the trust line, in the private sector. She works with clients in individual therapeutic care, but also with couples or the whole family system. The EAP program provides psychological counselling and also facilitates the first contact of staff with other professionals.

Kristýna Maulenová, M.Sc.

Kristyna studied psychology at Charles University and the Dutch University of Leiden. She completed a crisis intervention course, a course of motivational interviews and currently she is a participant in integrative psychotherapeutic training (INSTEP). While working with English-speaking clients, EAP uses her expertise in counseling-psychological work with expats she has acquired in the Netherlands. In addition to EAP, she works with cancer patients and their loved ones and teaches primary prevention programs for adolescents.

Mgr. Martina Vašířová

Martina graduated from Charles University in Prague with a degree in Psychology. She works as a psychologist, coach, crisis interventionist, psychotherapist in psychodynamics, and leads a team of consultants/psychologists in AS. For more than 20 years she has gained a lot of experience in the field of counselling and consulting services. She is responsible for the complete functioning of the EAP service and also provides psychological services.

PhDr. Iva Linda Maruščáková

Linda has almost 15 years of experience in consulting and organizational psychology; she also works in the field of coaching and psychotherapy. Linda studied psychology at Charles University, graduated Jungian training in psychotherapy, and completed a variety of self-experience and professional trainings.

PhDr. David Janík

David is a psychologist, psychotherapist, senior consultant and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. When working with clients, he can combine everything into a holistic approach. He studied psychology at Palacký University in Olomouc, then completed comprehensive psychotherapeutic training in Systemic Psychotherapy and a number of other courses and trainings (crisis intervention, coaching, NLP, etc.). He has more than 18 years of experience in the field of work psychology, HR consulting, recruitment and development of employees. He is working as a psychotherapist for 15 years and also for 18 years in the non-profit sector.

PhDr. Tom Mertin

Tom is a psychologist, coach and psychotherapist who works with a wide range of personal situations and issues arising from the work environment. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague, graduated from the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training (IVGT) and is a member of the Czech Association for Psychotherapy. In addition to supporting individuals and businesses, he is active in the non-profit sector (palliative care development, working with English and Spanish speaking foreigners).

Psychological counselling for employees is also available in Ukrainian.

Віктор Пасніченко

Віктор отримав психологічну освіту на факультеті психології Московського державного університету диплом якого нострифікований в Чеській Республіці. Від 2013 року працює психологом в Празі.

Має понад 30 років психологічної практики: працював психологом в психіатричній лікарні та в освіті (ліцей, гімназія), створив Центр психолого-педагогічного консультування та працював в ньому, чергував на телефоні довіри, викладав психологію в Чернівецькому університеті, проводив психологічні тренінги та судово-психологічні експертизи.

Пройшов спеціалізоване навчання і має досвід роботи з репатріантами в період початку „третьої хвилі“ міграції до Ізраїлю. Сам прожив перипетії адаптації до життя в Чеській Республіці.

And other team members not only from Prague, but from all regions of the Czech Republic.

Legal advisory

In case you need any legal advice our lawyers are always happy to help you.

Mgr. Iva Wenzel

Iva Wenzel is a graduate of the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. After finishing her master’s degree, she worked as a corporate lawyer at the Czech Export Bank, a.s. After that, she worked in advocacy, first as a trainee in the law firm Kocián Šolc Balaštík and then as a lawyer and founding partner in the law firm ROWAN LEGAL, an association of lawyers. After a short break caused by the performance of maternity duties, she led the legal team of Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o. In Pilsen. In addition to Czech and Slovak, Iva provides legal services in English and German, and also speaks Russian at a basic communication level.

Mgr. Romana Hamplová

Romana Hamplová is an independent lawyer providing legal services mainly in the field of civil and labor law, as well as the law of business corporations, with an emphasis on individual approach to clients. She also provides legal advice and services for foreign clients (especially in English). In order to provide comprehensive legal services, it works closely with a renowned notary office, professional executor’s office, as well as a surveyor office.

JUDr. Karla Makovcová Chlumská

She has been practicing law since 1996, after a short stint as a commercial lawyer. She gained her first experience as a corporate lawyer for a multinational advertising agency, when she contributed to the establishment of the Czech office. She is continuously educating herself, also abroad. She has published a number of articles in the field of marketing law and conducted seminars in this field. Since 1996, she has been a partner of AK Svoboda Chlumská Chrůma Hrušková. Currently, she advises clients mainly in the field of civil and corporate law, intellectual property law, employment law and personal data protection, and represents them in courts and before authorities. In 2013, she successfully passed the mediation exams and since then she has been leading as a registered mediator.

Mgr. Magda Freseová

In addition to her legal background, Magda is certified in mediation. She has a general legal practice as a corporate lawyer, a solo practitioner at the Czech Bar Association and has worked in the non-profit sector. She has been practicing law for more than 20 years. Becoming a lawyer has been Magda’s wish since childhood. Perhaps it is because she still enjoys helping those around her. For her, people’s fates and tribulations are not just a jumble of §§§, but the real stories of her clients’ lives. The form of counseling provided by our company is comprehensive and she believes therefore that she can help clients to their satisfaction.

And other partner law firms across the country.

Financial advisory

Our financial specialists can help you for example with mortgage or any dificult financial situation

Ing. Zdeněk Jakubínský (FinTalk s.r.o.) – Garant finančního poradenství

Zdeněk has been involved in financial consulting since 2005. Currently, he is the owner of FinTalk Ltd. and is dedicated to housing finance, investments and pension products, life and property insurance, cooperates with employers on employee benefit programs and creates individual financial plans. Among other things, she has experience with basic financial literacy, working with the budget, preventing execution, etc.

And other partner consulting firms across the country.

We are also proud members of EAPA (International Employee Assistance Professionals Association), the biggest organization for EAP professionals in the world.